Camp Envy Knows Remote Webcamz Baby!!

Picture of Jet Burns watching Camp Envy w/Bacon

Camp Envy Google Doc of Web Cam Presets:  Google Doc Link

That link above is a list of .CAM PRESETS on google docs which is editable by the public (I was inspired by the open .cam experiment).   Camp Envy Live Feed Here

So what if we put a remote camera in the on the Mars Rover Art Car camera mast that actually works? Awesome live feeds to the internet that are controllable by the users with .cam commands. We can make that happen, yes… yes we can.   The folks at Camp Envy have got this act down and a partnership with us and them would be made of pure awesome sauce.  I’m even thinking about remote driving radical inclusion, and I got the SAFE way to do it in my head.

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